Meal Plans and Meal Preparation

Chef Thomas can help you get organized and start eating great tasting healthy food at every meal and snack. The goal is to make eating fresh and healthy food – as enjoyable and convenient as fast food.

The Meal Plan

My goal is to help each individual find the foods that work best for them, as well as learn the guidelines on how to combine their foods correctly.

Personal Meal Plan sample

Sample personal meal plan

Your personal meal plan will consist of a list and breakdown of all your meals; breakfast through dinner and snacks.  It’s a reference for you to always have with you in your phone or mobile device, or printed and hung in a convenient location.

Ibelieve we all need similar things as humans, but not in the same way or through the same foods necessarily.

The basis of my philosophy is food combinations and compatibility.  Our bodies are amazing and can do remarkable things if treated right and fueled properly.  Unfortunately in our society today, especially in New York, it’s extremely difficult to focus on your diet the way most of us would like to.  Top that with the convenience of processed inorganic food and it is a recipe for disaster.

Chef Thomas

Chef Thomas

Food Preparation

We live in a busy city where everything and everyone is moving very fast and we’re all trying to play catch up. 

It’s hard enough for us to remember to eat period, so to stop, shop and prepare home cooked meals is usually out of the question for most.  For your convenience, your lunches and dinners will be prepared for you ahead of time, labeled, and stored away.  The goal here is to make eating fresh and healthy enjoyable and as convenient as fast food.

Hanging Garlic

Get Organized

The purpose of organizing the kitchen and pantry is the same as organizing pretty much anything else, it just makes life a little easier. 

We’ve all had items in our kitchen at one point or another that we planned to use and just never did.  Either that or it was that one ingredient we needed a pinch of but were left with a bunch after the recipe was prepared.  Whatever the case is, it worked its way to the back of the fridge or cabinet to expire.

Organizing your kitchen helps to avoid these common and wasteful habits.  An inventory of all your food will be taken, and whatever can be used will be incorporated into the actual meal planning.


Full Package (Meal Plan, Food Preparation, Kitchen & Pantry Organization)

Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks


  • $400 – 1 week of prepared meals
  • $600 – 2 week’s of prepared meals
  • $1,000 – 4 week’s of prepared meals

Meal Planning

  • $200 for Personal Meal Plan (includes 7 days of planned meals* – Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
  • $50 per week for additional planning

Kitchen and Pantry Organization

  • $150 flat fee

*Food not included

Set Up Your Meal Plan