Brick House Pantry

A New York City based kitchen that offers tasty baked goods, nutritional customized meals, food preparation services and catering. Brick House Pantry only uses fresh ingredients and delivers within the New York City metropolitan area.

With all fresh ingredients – enjoy the marinated and slow cooked chicken, pork or fish, a fresh vegetable dish, yummy pasta or rice and a slice of homemade bread. Mobile Soul Food is a delivery-only service in the Bronx and Manhattan neighborhoods.

  • Brick House Pantry offers custom catering services in the New York City, New Jersey and Long Island areas. We specialize in making sure your guests love the food and feel they have experienced a meal made especially for them.
  • Chef Thomas is a food educator and offers services from kitchen organization to detailed meal planning that is nutritionally and perfectly balanced for you! – and he’ll prepare it for you to enjoy each day.

Chef Thomas

Chef Thomas prepping chicken

Chef Thomas mixing up a batch of BBQ chicken.

“You have to use your hands … that’s how you put love into the food.”

Chef Thomas was born and raised in New York City. Not only is he an accomplished chef, he’s a father of three and a pretty good basketball player.

An excerpt from the “Dads we love” series on New York Family 

“We grew up on a lot of fat and fatty foods,” he laughs. “[But] I’ve taken a lot of what I learned and put a spin on making it healthier and better.” With switches such as grilled, lean organic chicken breast instead of big pieces with all the skin and fat still on, the dishes that Stevens assembles, like his BBQ chicken wraps, can taste just as good as the original.

One bite of that zucchini bread makes you want a whole loaf! It’s like cake!

Jisset PenaBrooklyn

Chef Thomas’ food is amazing!  He infuses everything he makes with great technique and tastes that are beyond words.  I highly recommend the zucchini bread and cheesecake with strawberry jam. I am also a big fan of Mobile Soul Food – the BBQ and Fried Chicken is so so good.

Donald RayManhattan
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